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Tour this beautiful family home in England’s surfing hotspot, Croyde

This angular home incorporates vast glass panels, flooding the interior with light

Annabelle Grundy/Gap interiors
Added 16:05 | October 17, 2016
  • This angular two-storey house has been designed along strong, bold lines.

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  • In the sitting area, a row of earthenware confit pots from France makes a great display.

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  • A glass panel allows daylight to flood the house from above.

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  • A trio of pendant lights makes a bold statement above modern German kitchen units. An ornate, vintage chandelier is suspended over an old French farmhouse table.

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  • Unable to find the right artwork for the master bedroom, the home owner created her own using leftover paints rolled and dripped on a vast canvas.

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  • The couple’s sons share this bold monochrome bathroom with sliding doors to each of their bedrooms.

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  • The TV room is bursting with jewel colours, thanks to a Circus wallpaper panel by Cole & Son.

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This light-filled family home in the UK – built from scratch – boasts an eclectic look, with bright, bold colours popping against a neutral backdrop. Iconic, modern furniture sits alongside weathered wooden pieces, eye-catching artwork, feature lighting and artisan pottery sourced from around the world.

Annabelle Grundy/Gap interiors

Annabelle Grundy/Gap interiors