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Open the doors to a bright and expansive home in Florida

An unusual layout and challenging brief proved an exciting project for a designer who has successfully put her stamp on this unique home

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  • Comprised of three buildings, the home is surrounded by trees and foliage to maintain seclusion and privacy.

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  • The property has a distinctive indoor-outdoor feel with the same tones and materials used in the furnishings throughout.

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  • Inviting seating areas throughout create a relaxed, convivial ambience.

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  • French artist Céline Wright designed the globe-like paper lights that are suspended from the high ceiling in the sitting room.

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  • Clever partition walls – which touch neither the floor nor the ceiling – divide the downstairs rooms.

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  • The stylish kitchen is pared back and functional, with splashes of bright blue lifting the scheme.

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  • Textural elements have been carefully incorporated throughout to add further interest.

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  • The shelving that’s built into this island adds a smart touch, perfect for displaying books and objets.

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  • The dining room features two tables side by side, made in reclaimed French oak by Didier Cabuy.

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  • The curved staircase is accentuated by a suspended paper chandelier.

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  • This bathroom has a fresh, light spa-like simplicity with an oval tub taking pride of place in front of the windows.

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  • This restful bedroom scheme features an interesting display cabinet and textured wallcoverings.

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Interior designer at New York-based Voce Di Design, Claire Maestroni, took on the challenging task of designing this 7,000-square-foot home in Jupiter Island in Florida. The result? A modern abode with a traditional beach-house feel.

Photography by Costas Picadas

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