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Look inside the Obama family’s private space in the White House

Michael S. Smith had the prestigious task of decorating the presidential home where the Obamas lived during Barack’s eight-year tenure

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  • The Solarium on the White House roof.

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  • The Treaty Room’s namesake table has been sitting on the far-right side of the room since 1869.

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  • At the Treaty Room entrance, Sir Jacob Epstein’s 1946 bust of Winston Churchill stands on a circa-1810 New York card table.

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  • The 1978 Camp David peace accords were signed at the antique Denis-Louis Ancellet desk in the foreground of the Yellow Oval Room.

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  • In the West Hall, Alma Thomas’s 1973 Sky Light hangs above a circa-1895 English mahogany pier table.

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  • The Center Hall contains Peter Schlesinger urns (at the rear, on pedestals) and paintings by Sam Francis (far right) and Hans Hofmann.

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  • In the master suite, Giorgio Morandi paintings meet a circa-1903 A. H. Davenport & Co. armchair.

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  • The Family Dining Room.

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  • Late-1960s Robert Mangold works hang on Jasper-fabric-covered walls. Christopher Spitzmiller ceramic lamps sit on the table.

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  • The Family Sitting Room contains a Sean Scully artwork, a Roman Thomas sofa, a Baker floor lamp, and a Jasper side table.

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  • A view of the Family Sitting Room, with Glenn Ligon’s Black Like Me #2 (far right).

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  • Luncheon is served in the White House’s Old Family Dining Room.

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  • The master bedroom features Larsen and Jasper fabrics and Nancy Koltes bed linen. Mirrors and sofa fabric by Jasper.

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  • President Obama and his daughters, Malia (left) and Sasha, in the Treaty Room.

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Decorating the White House before the First Family moved into their new home, Los Angeles-based decorator, Michael S. Smith, went for a look that complements the unprecedented array of 20th- and 21st-century artworks housed in this stately building, while also incorporating the Obama family’s contemporary and worldly style.

All photos courtesy of Michael Mundy/Architectural Digest.

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