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Terrific Terrariums

How to create your own terrarium

Mary Keenan
Added 16:48 | January 17, 2016
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Apartment living and Dubai’s hot, dry summer months make it near impossible to grow and maintain an outdoor garden. Terrariums are a fantastic way to grow a variety of plants indoors. Here are our top tips to create your own terrarium.

Case open - or closed:

Your glass container will obviously need an opening that’s big enough to fir your hands in easily for planting your garden. Choose one with a lid if you want to go the traditional route.

It’s all about the base:

Begin with a base of pebbles, followed by horticultural charcoal - especially important in closed cases because it keeps the air clean of fumes due to decomposing plant material. Then add a thick layer of potting soil.

Plant it up:

Place your chosen varieties in position, then add moss in between to help retain moisture in the soil. Water moderately when it starts to feel dry.

For more terrarium tips pick up a copy of our February issue.

Mary Keenan

Mary Keenan