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Sustainable gardening tips from a landscaping expert

Eco-friendly gardening tips

Sharon Parsons
Added 10:43 | March 24, 2016
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Maintaining a garden with eco-conscious credentials can be a bit of a challenge in the UAE. Nehme Moujaess, Managing Director of Dubai landscape company TerraVerde shares three pieces of essential advice,

1. Smart Planning

If you’re designing a garden from scratch, an ecological approach ca be adopted from the outset. Good project management is key. A carefully coordinated project means the time scale and resources required will be accurate, preventing excessive transportation and site construction. It’s vital that robust, long-lasting materials are used to reduce the need for maintenance, repair and of course, replacement. Practicalities should also be properly considered so that the layout and systems - from water to lighting - work efficiently.

2. Clever Design

A garden design that’s been carefully planned will be more sustainable than a style or layout that quickly becomes impractical. Consider what you need now - for example, a play area for children - and how that might be adapted with as little disruption as possible later. Low-maintenance landscaping is also essential: it reduces the service visits required, which is both cost effective and better for the wider landscape. Grass, for example, is difficult to manage, so by only using it in appropriate areas, less overall maintenance will be needed.

3. Suitable Selection

The biggest challenge landscape contractors face in this region is the harsh weather - so it’s imperative to use hardy heat- and salt- tolerant varieties of trees, shrubs and plants that won’t need replacing regularly. An issue often overlooked is that due to the climate there is an increase in the amount of pests, which means more pesticide use - and a negative impact on the environment. Plan accordingly: for example, a hibiscus attracts white flies, whereas a desert rose doesn’t. This forethought helps to keep costs down too.

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Sharon Parsons

Sharon Parsons