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Must-buys for your garden

Our selection of the most beautiful patio furniture and products for your garden

Charlotte Butterfield
Added 15:48 | January 11, 2016
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Clean slate

Grey isn’t just the colour of choice for interiors, it’s a practical, earthy option for outdoor spaces, too. Darlington sofa set, Ace, Dh4,999



Trail blazing

A quick, easy and wallet-friendly way to welcome some plant life to your walls. Jasmine and bougainvillea are rapid climbers and ideal for UAE climates. Askholmen Trellis, Ikea, Dh99


To the wire

This retro-style wire storage box from H&M Home offers easy drainage and would look great mounted on a wall or on a kitchen windowsill. Wire plant container, H&M Home, Dh50


‘For me, flexibility is key, so stylish furniture that folds flat when not in use is the perfect solution.’ - Sharon Parsons, Editor

Garden furniture set from Clas Ohlson, Dh430

Charlotte Butterfield

By Charlotte Butterfield