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Gardens with a View

These sea-facing outdoor spaces have made InsideOut’s garden wish list

Added 16:36 | August 3, 2016
  • In this coastal garden, a clean-lined rill and infinity edge leads the eye to the sculpture. Photos by Nicola Brown/Gap Photos, Design by Ted Smyth

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  • This pool is separated from the sea by a low garden wall, but the blue tiles exactly match the azure ocean waters, linking the two seamlessly.

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  • This narrow stretch of water, framed by decking, opens up to the wider expanse of water, and the magnificent coastal views beyond.

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For most of us, surely, a garden by the sea must be at the top of our wish list. The combination of lush foliage against a panorama of blue sea, or a terrace that leads seamlessly to an expansive ocean view, does not only have wow factor, but also brings to the fore a sense of the natural world and its elements. Here, the changing light, the different seasons, and of course, the weather, cannot be overlooked, and are all there to be fully appreciated.

A well-designed coastal garden not only considers the plants, trees and flowers that will thrive in this sometimes challenging environment, but ensures that the sea itself plays a starring role. Thoughtful landscaping, architectural skill and clever design details mean that everything – from practicalities to artistic features – enhances the amazing surroundings, offering an irresistible opportunity to simply stop and stare...