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Expert landscaping and style ideas to inspire

By Sharon Parsons
Added 12:05 | September 29, 2015
  • The sharp lines of these steps create a fascinating dimension, not least because they are composed of three different materials – slate, steel and wood.

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  • This two-toned stone mosaic lends a Mediterranean influence to a secluded garden corner.

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  • This narrow pool – or rill – is crossed via concrete discs and a sleek teak bridge.

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  • Perfectly trimmed box hedging and a manicured faux lawn contrast with the ornate sculpted piece on this city balcony.

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  • This unique snakes and ladders brickwork design from Ducon Industries makes a fascinating focal point in a garden.

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  • A clean-lined finish from Terraverde marks the entrance to this elegant home.

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  • This gently winding wooden path is a stunning alternative to the usual landscaping materials.

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  • Curved seating around a rustic outside fireplace is a perfect spot to gather on chillier nights.

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  • This pathway was created by Milestone Gardens using pebbles, sandstone stepping stones and rope. Lush planting borders each side.

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  • This beautifully designed poolside terrace is dominated by a central wooden piece resembling a diving board.

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  • This trio of Grecian-style urns, along with ambient outdoor lighting, defines the pool edge in this stylish design from Better Gardens.

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An outdoor space – big or small – has so many possibilities, and in a region where we can enjoy delightful temperatures for months at a time, it’s little wonder that we want to make our gardens, terraces or balconies stylish places to relax or entertain. Take a look at some of these design-led ideas, and consider the possibilities in your own garden…

By Sharon Parsons

By Sharon Parsons