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Bring the outdoors in with cacti and succulents

Some succulents are giants, but many are compact jewels, ideal for brightening small spaces

Laurian Brown/Mandy Allen
Added 10:00 | September 8, 2016
  • Allow succulents to inspire expressions of creativity, such as this richly coloured natural vignette.

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  • The ‘brain’ cactus takes on a contemporary appearance displayed en masse in architecturally graphic vessels.

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  • Simplified surroundings allow an unassuming planting of Mammillaria compressa to animate the room.

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  • Here, the shades of the plants create an atmosphere of calm.

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  • This arrangement depends on scale and colour for its impact.

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  • The copper-tinted, sculptural leaves of Kalanchoe orgyalis arranged with copper ephemera have the graphic impact of a modern still-life painting.

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Succulents are plants with fleshy stems or leaves, designed to store water in arid environments or seasons. The secret of success is to find out under what conditions each plant grows in nature, so that you can be sure of giving it the right amount of light and water in your home.

Laurian Brown/Mandy Allen

Laurian Brown/Mandy Allen