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Arabian Ranches garden hits high on design

This Arabian Ranches landscape pairs modern and traditional elements and uses textured and lustrous surfaces to create a relaxing outdoor space

By Angela Boshoff Hundal
Added 00:05 | August 15, 2013
  • Arabian Ranches garden

    Arabian Ranches with some truly beautiful design features.

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  • Arabian Ranches garden

    The koi fish can escape the scorching summer sun by darting under cover as the pond extends underneath both the villa and the ledges of the walkway.

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  • Arabian Ranches garden

    The pond, the pool and the carved water features are stunning by day but really come alive at night, shimmering under the moon amid carefully placed lighting.

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  • Arabian Ranches garden

    Arabian Ranches garden exudes a relaxing outdoor space.

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  • Arabian Ranches garden

    "While this garden is all about the amalgamation of design styles, it’s also about luxury and harmony."

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  • Arabian Ranches garden

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Sleek and contemporary, with a subtle nod to Roman-inspired design in the form of supporting columns and large outdoor mosaics, this 800-square-metre landscape is a great example of how combining myriad design styles, textures and plants in a garden can work well. “The homeowner’s brief was straightforward,” says 
Diego Lorenzo Alvarez, sales and marketing director of Toscana Landscaping and Pools. “He wanted a large swimming pool and functional sitting and dining areas inspired by nature.” 

Greeting guests at the home’s entrance is a large koi pond. This azure pool, which is filled with orange koi fish darting about, is built alongside and partially underneath the villa, creating the enchanting illusion of endless space. “This pond is definitely one of the garden’s main visual elements. We had to customise the glass sides to get an aquarium effect, which helps to make it larger than it seems. The walkway is actually a ledge under which the koi can hide. The mosaic on the ledge was a great way to create an immediate visual impact,” Diego explains. “There are actually a number of water features throughout the space. Being inspired by nature, the homeowner wanted his garden to be filled with movement and wanted us to create shimmering water effects that could be seen and enjoyed from different areas inside the home.”

In one corner of the L-shaped swimming pool is a large Jacuzzi. Other luxurious elements that Diego says 
come alive at night are the carved and illuminated 
water-feature granite walls, which have beautifully backlit patterns inspired by nature. “These are my favourite design elements in the garden. They really make an impact and add to the garden’s majestic feel,” says Diego. “While this garden is all about the amalgamation of design styles, it’s also about luxury and harmony. The shape of the pool, the Jacuzzi and the immediate surroundings are a perfect example of this.”

Travertine and sandblasted natural stone can also be seen throughout the garden, including in its many large mosaics. “The mosaics help create definition and demarcation within the garden,” Diego says. “Because it’s such a large space, we used them as visual elements to draw the eye to the different sections of the landscape. They naturally attract people to take a closer look at 
their patterning while at the same time creating 
harmony between the different sections.”

By Angela Boshoff Hundal

By Angela Boshoff Hundal