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A covetable English garden

This stunning landscape underwent a radical transformation

Nicola Stocken/GAP Photos
Added 12:59 | September 22, 2016
  • This contemporary water feature, set into a dry stone wall, is especially beautiful at night when lighting lends it a magical glow.

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  • The garden is arranged on different levels with focal points – such as this contemporary seating area – drawing the eye.

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  • The sunken terrace leads straight out from the house, and with its low surrounding walls, serves as a contained al fresco room.

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  • The neatly planned garden boasts realistic artificial grass – a practical and good-looking choice, especially in areas where irrigation is a problem.

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  • The golden bamboo with its stripped stems and lush green leaves not only marks a boundary wall, but offers privacy too.

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It’s rare that a newly built house in England has much attention lavished on its garden, but when Alison Higgins and her family moved into their two-year-old townhouse, they turned to award-winning designer Kate Gould for help.

Nicola Stocken/GAP Photos

Nicola Stocken/GAP Photos