As winter comes around, spending more time outdoors becomes a priority for many UAE residents – especially those with beautiful gardens. To make the most of your outdoor space, practical but beautiful outdoor seating is a must. To tie your seating area together, choose a colour, theme or texture and weave it through your outdoor living space. Pale hues and blues will help to cool your space down, while metallic tones, reds and oranges will warm it up. If you live near the sea, you might opt for natural materials when it comes to your furniture, complementing it with sailing paraphernalia to polish the look off. No sea view in sight? Not to worry; the colour green is a winner in all gardens, and carries through in soft furnishings, furniture, accessories and plants, of course.

A concrete bench built into one side of this pool offers stunning views of the water, while a wooden bench set to another side is more practical in terms of creating a space from which to get ready to take a dip. Comfortable deckchairs are a must alongside any swimming pool.

This garden saves space by incorporating seating into the actual structure of the terrace. Clean and contemporary, this corner seating is framed by barely seen glass panels that take full advantage of the sea view.

This simple viewing deck is framed by a neat hedge box that defines the boundary line without interrupting the view of rolling surf. For a similar rustic look, opt for unpolished, weathered easy chairs.

This impressive garden has been designed as a series of different ‘rooms’, but all make the most of the mesmerising outlook. By having more than one seating area you create several places from which to enjoy the view – by day or by night.


Photos by GAP Photos/Jerry Harpur, Design by Vladimir Sitta.