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Transfrom your outdoor space with these seasonal decorating ideas

Take seasonal decorating beyond your front door with these sparkling ideas

Sharon Parsons
Added 17:44 | December 21, 2015

From twinkling trinkets and flickering lights to hurricane lamps, lanterns and sparkling fairy lights - there are many ways to brighten up your outdoor space this winter. Here are our tips for getting the look right:

Stick to a theme:

Rustic and homespun, soft and romantic, or sophisticated and glamorous? Which ever scheme you decide on, be sure to follow it through; a temptation with dressing an outdoor space is to use whatever random items you have left over from decorating indoors, or which are hidden away in the back of a cupboard, but this rarely works. Using similar colours and styles guarantees a united feel.

Be inventive:

There’s no need to spend a fortune on specific outdoor decorations; consider items you have indoors already - everything from elaborate candle holders to one or two big mirrors (which look fabulous with lanterns grouped in front of them) are wonderfully effective in an outdoor setting.

More is more:

Don’t hold back when you’re lighting up your garden; the enhanced sense of space needs to be ‘filled’, or lights, lanterns and so on will just get lost in the setting. Arrange everything you have in grouped displays, rather than isolation, to guarantee greater impact.

Sharon Parsons

Sharon Parsons