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My Top Five

Editorial coordinator Rebekah Heaney shares her must-haves from our January issue

Rebekah Heaney
Added 17:05 | December 28, 2015
  • Owl Jars, Atmosphere Furnishings

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  • Leather notebook, Nada Debs at Comptoir 102

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  • Vase, Zara Home

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  • Pendant light, Blanc D'Ivoire

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  • Side table, Indigo Living

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Owl jars, Atmosphere Furnishings

I love these Owl jars because they are cute and quirky as well as functional.

Side table, Indigo Living

Brass and copper have had a real resurgance this year, this table allows you to introduce brass into a space without it being overwhelming.

Pendant light, Blanc D’Ivoire

I’m drawn to the intricate iron-work of this statement pendant light.

Vase, Zara Home

The crackle-glaze on this vase gives it an antique appearance.

Leather notebook, Nada Debs from Comptoir 102

I’m all for supporting regional designers and local talent. This textured leather notebook by Nada Debs is the perfect gift for a budding writer.

Rebekah Heaney

Rebekah Heaney