The venue Making the most of The Beach’s laid-back ambience, Dubai’s original branch of Eat Greek models itself as a delightful taverna, offering a warm atmosphere that immediately transports diners to the Greek islands.

The design Drawing on the design traditions of its Mediterranean origins while maintaining a modern, cosmopolitan vibe, Eat Greek successfully marries the rustic and the contemporary to create a cosy, casual effect. Shabby-chic comfort is introduced with mismatched chairs, exposed brickwork and distressed wooden floors, while lighting plays a significant role in setting the scene: the atmosphere is arguably best at night, when the reflective glow of suspended Kilner jars and twinkling fairy lights looped over white bird cages can be fully appreciated.

The focal point of the ground floor is undoubtedly a creative feature wall made up of aged window shutters in various sizes and colours, while other small details are both original and charming: condiments for each table are contained in miniature packing crates, the cash register rests on a second-hand sideboard, while the open kitchen is sectioned-off by caged shelves filled with artfully arranged ingredients.

The experience A single-page menu offering cuisine from several regions of Greece saw us opt for a starter of spicy meatballs accompanied by a zesty salad and a dish of roasted feta, complemented by sweet peppers and tomatoes. A classic lamb kontosouvli kebab served with floury pitta bread in a terracotta pot made a tasty main course, while a rich seafood risotto perfectly embodied the coastal delights of Greece with squid, prawn and clam serving up plenty of flavour.

Undoubtedly, however, it was the desserts that impressed most. The visual appeal – not to mention the taste – of the baklava ice-cream sandwich, decorated with walnuts, a candyfloss halo and syrup could perhaps only be topped by the basket of Grandma’s Doughnuts – or loukoumades – complete with syringes of Nutella and honey for diners to inject according to preference. Needless to say, the helpful suggestions of the friendly and welcoming staff were more than necessary as we felt completely spoilt for choice!

A fun, relaxed and cleverly designed venue, Eat Greek has an abundance of authentic flavours to offer, style ideas to inspire, and more than a few culinary tricks up its sleeve.