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10 quirky looks for people who love coastal schemes

If you’re obsessed with all things ocean we’ve got the latest updates on this enduring trend

Robin Collingwood
Added 15:00 | August 13, 2017
  • Byron Bay wallpaper, Manuel Canovas, Dh567 per roll

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  • Acquario wallpaper, Cole and Son, Dh645 per roll

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  • Sea floor tablecloth, Zara Home, Dh329

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  • Curio sea fern wallpaper, Cole and Son, Dh356 per roll

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  • Anthozoa wallpaper, Dh300 per roll, Harlequin

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  • Shell wallpaper P230602-9, Mr Perswall, Dh216 per sq metre

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  • Pale Grey coral wallpaper, Barneby Gates, Dh376 per roll

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  • Beachcomber collection, Prestigious Textiles, from Dh70 per metre

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  • Moku wallpaper, Harlequin, Dh300 per roll

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  • Waves wallpaper P231401-8, Mr Perswall, Dh216 per metre

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With a new colour palette that swings between pastel layers and monochrome minimalism, the marine scheme has found its modern incarnation in bold, busy patterns, quirky fish and coral motifs. Check out our gallery of smart buys and read our tips on how to use these fabulous fabrics and wallpapers in your abode…

Like the sea, this look has a soothing effect on our homes:

Think as a whole. This is an easy style to carry through to a complete room scheme (or through the whole house) using fabrics, wallpapers, and even whitewashed floors for a fishing boat deck feel.

Avoid cliches. Although there are some great fish patterned wallpapers this season, it is best to focus these in one area (they look fantastic in a downstairs bathroom) and avoid too many fishy ornaments elsewhere. Choose instead to make a statement with a sculptural art piece or beautiful conch shell.

Great for families. Using washable natural fabrics and informal styling, this can be a playful look to introduce into your home if you have young children, where you might enjoy a more colourful and interactive decorating scheme.

Frame it Transform a beautiful wallpaper into art and hang an ornate frame or use a mirror to reflect the depth of the pattern

Go big This summer’s trends include new kelp designs which are particularly striking across a large area

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Robin Collingwood

Robin Collingwood