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The Queen needs a curtain expert – and it could be you

The royal household is looking to hire someone to help decorate the palaces

Rebekah Heaney
Added 17:44 | April 4, 2017


With several stately homes to her name, Queen Elizabeth II surely needs a little help with their upkeep every now and again, never mind making sure that the décor remains worthy of the kingdom’s ruler. To that end the official Royal Household website have posted a listing for a very prestigious job: Curtain Maker and Soft Furnishing Upholsterer. Yes, you could be making the Queen’s curtains and cushions and helping keep Buckingham Palace, as well as Windsor Castle and St. James’s Palace, looking regal.


Collectively made up of over a thousand rooms, these royal residences present quite a challenge and all applicants are expected to be experts in the field. This includes having ‘extensive experience with soft furnishings’, ‘outstanding practical skills’ and a ‘thorough understanding of conservation’ when it comes to the huge number of beautiful historic furnishings that fill the palaces and castle.

The yearly salary starts at £22,000 – about Dh100,500 – and benefits are provided. But if you want to apply, hurry! The job application period closes on the sixth of March. Find the posting here

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Rebekah Heaney

Rebekah Heaney