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Magic Moments: Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas

Bring every corner of your home - inside and out - to life with pretty finishing touches

Sharon Parsons
Added 15:23 | December 22, 2016
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Whether you’ve left it to the last minute or just want some inspiration for finishing touches, our seasonal decorating guide is brimming with beautiful buys and good ideas. In the last of our Christmas decorating series we look at outdoor finsihing touches...

1 A string of elegant white paper lanterns creates an ethereal effect against the night sky.

2 Create an arrangement with different-shaped hurricane lamps and lanterns for a simple, eye-catching display, like this one from Indigo Living.

3 A classic zinc container – like the Byrne Table Planter from online store Rowen & Wren – looks beautiful with festive foliage and candles, but can easily be adapted to different seasonal looks all year round.

4 This terrace setting with its hotchpotch of chairs, candles and simple swags of lights has a spontaneous feel that sets the mood for informal gatherings and celebrations.

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Sharon Parsons

Sharon Parsons