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Final edit: Abyss Table

This month’s beautiful lasting impression is a table inspired by the ocean…

Mary Keenan
Added 11:51 | July 19, 2016
  • Source:Duffy London/Tom Oxley


The piece The Abyss Table utilises layered wood and glass to replicate the differing depths of the earth’s seabed.

The background British designer Christopher Duffy founded his East London studio in 2002 after studying Product Design at the University of Brighton. He has since become known worldwide for his highly imaginative, well-crafted and whimsical furniture designs. His inspiration for the Abyss Table struck during a visit to a glass factory, where he noticed how sheets of thick glass darken in colour when layered in a way that is similar to how the ocean darkens as it deepens. Christopher wanted to manipulate this effect to recreate the striking colour and depth of the earth’s seabed and spent an entire year developing the concept by experimenting with sculpted glass, wood and Perspex before perfecting the design.

The details The Abyss Table is made from sustainably sourced high-grade wood and glass. It measures 150cm by 75cm and is 40cm tall. The table is handmade to order in London and limited to an edition of 25, which can be purchased from the Sarah Myerscough Gallery in London and shipped to Dubai. The table costs approximately Dh106,000, excluding shipping. and

Mary Keenan

Mary Keenan