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A blank canvas: Seven tricks for ‘wow’ walls

From clever displays to fun storage solutions, here’s how to create look-twice walls

Charlotte Butterfield
Added 14:47 | November 1, 2016
  • Painting a big bold stripe vertically down one wall adds instant impact, and it makes the ceiling appear higher than it is.

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  • Always choose paintings and pictures big enough for the wall since small pieces, unless grouped together, could feel lost.

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  • Dress up your fireplace with a collection of glass jars or similar styles of pots, or hang cards and photos from string for a quick way to bring some personality home.

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  • Floating shelves look fantastic above sofas or beds, especially when accessorised with a very personal display of memorabilia.

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  • This selection of mirrors from Crate & Barrel has been arranged to terrific effect.

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  • Hang string vertically rather than horizontally to create a panel where you can change the display as often as the mood takes you. This display is from Typo.

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  • Wall-hung open storage boxes are a fun way to put your best things on show.

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Energise your walls using colour, pep up with pattern, or personalise with prints. Pick up similar hues in your furnishings to make a balanced scheme, and work around features such as fireplaces, cornicing and panelling to retain interesting features.

Charlotte Butterfield

Charlotte Butterfield