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9 smart ways to work moody blues into your home’s scheme

Team dark blue and white for a harmonious update on the monochrome theme

Robin Collingwood
Added 15:10 | May 7, 2017
  • Majolica collection for Designers Guild by Maison d’Art, Arabesque wallpaper, Dh700 per roll; fabrics from Dh600 per metre.

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  • Palladio ciel fabric Manuel Canovas, Dh326 per metre.

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  • Theatre Midnight fabric on headboard and Parade in Denim on cushion, Andrew Martin from Dh270 per metre.

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  • Momentum wallcoverings Volume 4 by Harlequin, Dh250 per roll.

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  • Selby grey and blue fabric by Larsen Dh679.

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  • Art of Garden collection by Sanderson, fabric starting from Dh240 per metre.

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  • Noukko collection by Scion, wallpapers starting from Dh150 per roll and fabrics from Dh200 per metre.

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  • Colour for Living Prints and Weaves Sanderson, from Dh240 per metre.

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  • Camelia Smalt wallpaper by Little Greene Paint Company Dh290 per roll.

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A blueprint for style

This classic colour is a perfect choice for seriously dynamic rooms...

Think about the mood Dark blue is a strong grounding colour that sets a sombre tone, perfect for formal settings. To counteract this, choose patterned wallpaper or upholstery, which will enliven the space.

Be creative Modern room schemes introduce pattern in new and innovative ways: an oversized headboard in a bold fabric, art canvases covered in a fabric or wallpaper or a statement armchair with the pattern wrapped around the back.

The new black Navy or Marine blue is a great choice if you want to go dark but not quite black for a dramatic scheme. It will give a boring box character and interest.

Add highlights Combine with white for a smart maritime look or flashes of yellow, orange or red, which will invigorate the scheme and give it a contemporary feel.


  • Paint one wall in a solid dark colour as a foil for busy wallpapers and big patterns and it will help to hold the look together.
  • As a contrast to dark walls hang floaty voiles at the window to allow light to flood in.

Robin Collingwood

Robin Collingwood