Nothing changes the style, personality and ambience of a room more effectively than colour – and when it comes to paint, it’s so quick, easy and relatively cheap to do. Even those of us who live in a neutral rented home can indulge a love of colour in the safe knowledge that when it’s time to move on, things can easily revert back to the way they were.

Soft shades

Bright and clean, or soft and floaty, this engaging colour family promises a mood-enhancing ambience that is further emphasised by sunny days, and is versatile enough to be used with confidence throughout the home. 

With green making a definitive comeback in the world of interiors, this soft chalky shade – Fennel by Zoffany – is a timely consideration. It sits easily with white accents, as well as natural materials such as wood or metallics.

Iceberg by Benjamin Moore is clean and light enough to be used on all surfaces, such as ceilings, without overwhelming the room, provided there is a good source of light available.

This soft, subdued yellow – 3D Curry 105 by Caparol – looks fantastic teamed with intense blue or clean grey. It would be especially effective alongside retro-inspired furniture and textiles that pick up on this hue so often employed in that stylish era.