Nothing changes the style, personality and ambience of a room more effectively than colour – and when it comes to paint, it’s so quick, easy and relatively cheap to do. Even those of us who live in a neutral rented home can indulge a love of colour in the safe knowledge that when it’s time to move on, things can easily revert back to the way they were.

Scandi Chic

Soft shades that appear to change in complexity as the light shifts are influenced by the greys, blue-greens and taupes of northern climes. Their coolness is an appealing antidote in hot countries, but they also provide a quiet backdrop to interior schemes and are so easy to live with.

Shades like this one – Minty Breeze by Jotun – offer a sense of calm, while their spa-like ambience makes them an ideal choice in bathrooms or cloakrooms. Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour and Creative Director at Jotun explains that ‘The serene tones of the Nordic Living theme from Jotun’s Colour Collection 2017 mirror the soothing hues of nature’s atmosphere’

This colour – Light Grey Aluminium from Kansai’s Anonymous collection – is intended as a response to hectic lifestyles, providing a sense of calm. It works well on its own, but other deeper shades in the palette offer inspired combinations, too.

Denim Drift, AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2017, takes on different characteristics depending on how it’s used, appearing to ‘drift’ from a definite indigo to a lighter blue. It’s a go-to shade for interior designers, thanks to its pliable nature.